Merian Foods Kft. is offering a wide range of products, through which we are able to satisfy even the most diverse customer demands, while keeping the quality on the highest level.

Our company was the first among the Hungarian producers, who offered products under a brand name, which were the REX CIBORUM and the ORSI product families.

- Our goose and duck liver specialties under the brand name REX CIBORUM belong to the most exclusive luxury products both in the Hungarian and World market. We are offering our liver products in various flavorings and shapes, as whole and half conserves.

- The ORSI Vienna sausages, fresh liver patés, cold meat, hams, Bologna sausages and canned food are our most demanded products, which are available in different flavorings, size and packaging.

- In order to reach more and more customers with our products, we introduced our ALETTA brand in 2002 with the philosophy: quality product for an attractive price